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NOTE: You will be able to sign up for this service and use it only if you have a Hello Paisa Account. In order to signup for Hello Paisa account, please contact any of our partner banks and return to this page.

The HP Online Service is available for those customers that have good internet access and use the Hello Paisa services frequently.  This service is especially useful for HPO’s, corporate organizations, large merchants.  Now you can manage your financials through the internet / web and without the hassles of remembering the various commands and syntax’s required to compose sms.

The HP Online service is also available over your mobile device that has internet access such as smart phones and tablets!  The HP Online services website is designed to automatically detect what device the customer is logging in from and based on that, a version appropriate to that device is presented to the customer logging into the service.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to serious threats of internet fraud and other related risks, the pin verification for execution of transactions will still be done over an IVR call to the customer.  Thus:

  • You must sign-up for the HP Online Service before you can use it (this is separate from the registration for a Hello Paisa Mobile Account)
  • You must have your registered phone with you at all times when you are doing any HP Online transaction
  • The password for HP Online selected by the customer during sign-up and the 4 digit security PIN selected by the customer during registration for Hello Paisa services are used in combination to ensure a full proof and totally secure transaction modality.

Want to sign-up for a HP Online Account?

You can do so here: https://www.hellopaisa.com.np (you will be re-directed to a secure webpage, and you will need to click the “New User? Sign up” link on this page)

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