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सबल, आधुनिक, उत्तरदायी”

Laxmi Bank was incorporated in April 2002 as the 16th commercial bank in Nepal.

Laxmi Bank is a Category ‘A’ Financial Institution and re-registered in 2006 under the “Banks and Financial Institutions Act” of Nepal. The Bank’s shares are listed and actively traded in the Nepal Stock Exchange.

Partnership with Hello Paisa: मोबाइलखाता: “पैसाको नयाँ परिभाषा”

Laxmi Bank is a founding and key partner of Hello Paisa platform and services and has played a very important role to realise this innovative business model that is now recognized globally as one of the Top 3 Innovative Business models for maximum impact to the enhance financial services to the unserved and underserved populations of Nepal. Laxmi Bank was the first Bank in Nepal to realize the power and need of interoperable financial platforms and solutions to address the challenges of “Access to Finance for All” in the context of Nepal.

Apart from offering total Mobile Financial Services using the Hello Paisa Platform, Laxmi Bank is also the settlement bank of the Hello Paisa system.

Laxmi Bank is offering its Hello Paisa Services under the brand:


To sign up for a Hello Paisa Mobile Account / मोबाइल खाता from Laxmi Bank and for more information on their Mobile Khata service please visit:

Services Available to Laxmi Bank’s customers:


arro  Complete range of Branch-less Banking and Mobile Financial Services of Hello Paisa Services:

  • Banking Services
  • Mobile Account Services
  • Money Transfer Services
  • Payment Services

arro  Customers can be serviced at all Laxmi Bank appointed HPO’s or any Laxmi Bank branches
arro  Customers also be serviced at ANY Hello Paisa Partner Bank’s branches or ANY HPOs nation wide



The services are available across the following Mobile Operators

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