Smart Telecom Pvt Ltd (STPL) is the fourth largest telecommunication company of Nepal, licensed by Nepal Telecommunication Authority. It has two services – GSM based limited mobility services with brand name Smart Cell and VSAT based fixed line services with brand name Smart Sat.

Smart Telecom has been able to reach more than 0.5 million subscribers within two years of commencement of its service. The company has acquired more than 2.3% of the market share within this short period in the market.

Smart Cell has been successful in catering to the needs of mass especially semi-urban and rural consumers with its innovative package, service and quality network. It is No 1 brand in far west region and number two or good number in rest of the three regions.

Keeping up with its marketing theme ‘Najik Audai Najik Lyaudai’, STPL is dedicated to expanding its coverage and promises to bring its users closer. Besides providing voice services, STPL has emphasis on providing value-added services such as Smart Healthline, which is a healthline service in collaboration with Institute of medicine (IOM) Tribhuwan University, Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj. STPL also has plans for services related to education and agriculture.

STPL has been significantly improving its customer relations and service quality and continues to work according to its mission which is “To deliver the best services to its subscribers at a reasonable cost”.

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