United Telecom Limited (UTL) is a consortium of four companies who have come together in a joint venture, to explore various telecom opportunities in Nepal. Out of four partners, three are the major telecom players in India and the fourth one is a local partner i.e. Nepalese Company and the details of the companies are:

It currently offers its services over its CDMA network, such as:

  • Voice Services
  • SMS
  • Voice SMS
  • Missed Call Alert
  • CRBT
  • Internet through USIM
  • Internet Lease Lines
  • PCOs & Discounts
  • Additional Voice Services
  • Conference Bridge
  • And many more!

Further details regarding UTL’s services and offerings can be found at: www.utlnepal.com 

Arrangement with Hello Paisa:
Service offerings to UTL Customers

The services are available across the following Mobile Operators

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