Money Transfer Services


Money Transfer services of your Hello Paisa account enables you to send and receive money to and from family, friends, etc in the most efficient, secure and convenient way ……24 hrs a day, 365 days of the year.

If you need to send money from one city to another, you can use this service from your mobile phone with registered Hello Paisa mobile account. For example, household staff, drivers, guards, etc. can now send their monthly salaries home to their families from urban cities to rural villages. Similarly, parents can send funds to their children at educational institutions in other cities for tuition fee, monthly pocket money etc. And people who travel frequently, who don’t want to carry cash can use this service by depositing money to into their Hello Paisa Account in their departing city and withdrawing the money in another city.

If you ever run out of funds in your Hello Paisa mobile account, you can also use the first of its kind and unique feature of the Money Transfer Services called “Request Money”!  This feature enables any Hello Paisa user who has run out funds in their account to request for money to be sent to their Hello Paisa mobile account from their relatives or friends who also are registered Hello Paisa mobile account holders! This is a very special and important feature that can be great help during emergencies!

The best thing about the service is that any person in Nepal can receive money sent by you! Even people not registered in the Hello Paisa system can receive money from you, as long as they have a mobile phone.

Service Features
How to do a P2P: Person to Person Payment transaction!
How to do a Rmon: How to Request Money from other Hello Paisa friend/family transaction!

How to do a Upay: Payment to Un-registered Person transaction!
Service Charges

The services are available across the following Mobile Operators

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